How To Remove AngAntiVirus

AngAntiVirus just infect your removable disk, when you insert USB disk/flashdisk, it will create 2 files at your removable disk like below.
  • autorun.inf
  • AngAntiVirus.vbs
The virus is working when your windows is login at the first time. You can try to delete the 2 file and then you can try refresh the windows explorer, it will appear again at your removable disk. How to remove it? Don't worry, it just a vbscript and it will not take your windows system crash. At here I'll tell you how to cleaning virus AngAntiVirus. See at below :

1. Turn on you PC.
2. After windows is login, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Task Manager.
3. Click Processes tab, then search "wscript.exe" and end task the process.
4. Open "Regedit" using Run command.
5. Goto "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"
6. Open "Userinit" and write back with "userinit.exe," (without quote). Then close Regedit.
7. Open "Command Prompt" using Run command.
8. Change to "windows\system32" folder.
9. Type "attrib -s -h -r angantivirus.vbs" (without quote) and ENTER.
10. Type "del angantivirus.vbs" (without quote) and ENTER.
11. Delete the 2 files like above at your removable disk. If you not see the files, do like step 7-10. Just change the file name and drive/folder.
12. Last step is restart your PC. Try plug-in your removable disk and see what happening. The virus may not appear again.

I hope it can help you.
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