Conficker virus in the computer world

Posted by Kenna

Virus Creator Conficker still have not found so far. This virus is quite smart, he can spread through the existing LAN network. Including the network to share an internet connection and computer. This virus is dangerous because it can be to download the data and send data to the author (Almost similar trojan or backdoor). And can also update itself by downloading the update.

Microsoft has issued the latest update to its Windows OS. Update can be downloaded free of charge, please download here. For the computer is still clean and not infected with the virus Conficker, is expected to lock the Administrator User with the password. Virus Conficker has several variations:

* Worm: Win32/Conficker.A: identified by the MMPC on November 21, 2008
* Worm: Win32/Conficker.B: identified by the MMPC on December 29, 2008
* Worm: Win32/Conficker.C: identified by the MMPC on February 20, 2009 *
* Worm: Win32/Conficker.D: identified by the MMPC on March 4, 2009 **
* Worm: Win32/Conficker.E: identified by the MMPC on April 8, 2009

* Also known as Conficker B + +
** Also known as Conficker.C and Downadup.C

You can check whether your computer infected Conficker or not, please do scanning online here.

For the computer has been infected Conficker quite difficult to clean, for more details please read here.

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How to install computer hardware with the correct driver

Posted by Kenna

Have you install the driver and the driver computer is not working (not match)? If so, then it is here the answer. There are various ways to see if we install the drivers that will be compatible with its hardware.

Follow the example steps below to see the device id:

- Right click on My Computer Icon and select Properties.
- Select Hardware tab and click Device Manager button.
- Right-click on the device marked with a question icon (see below) and select Properties.

- Select Details tab, then select Hardware Ids.

- Remember the PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_01D3 string.
- Then search the string value in google to find the device name.
- After the meet, download one of them.
- Search your download file with extension .inf, then open with notepad.
- Search PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_01D3.
- If you find it, then the driver is correct. So now you can install it.

I hope this can help you find it difficult to match the driver.