Music Loops for background videos


One of the challenges that every creator of a multi-media product is faced with, is how do you make your music track the perfect length?

Thats where TIGER LOOPS comes in!

The length (the running time) of royalty-free music production tracks are created by the music developer, and since YOU are the creator of your multi-media product theres often a disparity between the duration of the music track, and making it fit to your own needs.

To solve this, video producers have often turned to LOOPS. A loop is a section of music (a certain number of bars) which can then be repeated, allowing you to create the music track to FIT exactly with your time requirements. But since most music loops are designed to repeat over and over, then theres no defined ending for the song. Theres NO punch, theres NO dynamics, and theres NO ending beat or impact.

Each track in the TIGER LOOPS collection comes with a set of TWO.

By looping the first file and adding the ending file onto it in your timeline, in seconds you can make your music track virtually ANY length you want.
What About File Format .

If you have downloaded packages from me before, then youre already used to the 192-bit stereo MP3s that are produced in my studio. But THIS time you can get some bonuses.

Time Stretchable AIF pro level audio format is included too! By using AIF format in programs like Adobe Audition, Apple Garageband, and Apple Logic, you can time stretch these loops up or down to adjust the tempo. All the meta data is already attached to each file.

But if you just want the easy to use, and quick to download MP3s YES YOU CAN have just the MP3s.
How many loops an I get?

20 loops plus 20 ending files in MP3 format
20 loops plus 20 ending files in AIF format
Total 80 files! 

Price : 9.97 USD
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