Inside The Minds Of Winners

This book is cram packed with the words of some very smart, very successful people talking about how they mange their own thinking and their own emotions, their own lives. They Talk about the things they do to build themselves greater success. (289 pages)
as an added bonus you will receive The 2010 Bonus Page absolutely free of Current New Material -

These 3 Popular Teleseminars
Total listening time - 3.5 hours
Stop Affirming - Start ASSERTing
MP3, 67 minutes, 20.2 Mbytes
How to Create New Strengths from Nothing
If You So Choose - Friday 13th Good Luck Workshop
MP3, 80 minutes, 24 Mbytes

And this Special Bulls Eye Living Report
Anybody Can Sing in the Sunshine

Price : 49.99 USD
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