How to Restore Corrupted Windows Within 10 Minutes?

Posted by Yi Zhan

I was frequently facing corrupted or "dirty" Windows problems every 1 or 2 months, and every re-installation takes me about 1 hour! Therefore, I decided to make a backup plan or something to speed up the process. Then I came across some hard disk imaging software, and indeed it helps a lot!

I plan my pre-installation and separate O.S. (Operating System) from my regular
data, organize them into 2 logical drives, C: the O.S. Drive and D: the data drive. I use drive imaging software to backup my O.S. drive into d: the data drive, and I tried to backup entire O.S. drive every time I need to install some software or do a major tweak to my Windows.

If anything will go wrong, I just re-install my Windows in 10 minutes. There are 2 software around that meets this criterion very well:

1. Paragon Drive Backup (Inexpensive solution, I am using it!)
2. Acronis TrueImage (Although my favorite, but a bit pricey.)

I know since Windows backup restore, but sorry to inform you that this is not guaranteed to recover your O.S. completely, it just saved your registry and some Windows settings, if you ever did caught into trouble, restore point will help you recover some settings but not totally. So restore point is useless to me and constantly taking my Windows valuable resources!

What Windows did is constantly monitoring for any settings changes, and save duplicates of files and data into the reserve area, this not just delay my Windows but also creates waste on my hard disk because ineffective to recover !

Disk imaging software is like taking a snapshot on the hard drive, every setting and programs are saved, you can be absolutely sure everything will be restored to the time you backup!

In Windows Vista, I would recommend you to move your documents to a totally separate drive, let's say E: for example. You would store your normal email and other database data on D, so every time a restore needed, you won't have to manually backup them and restore again. When you store your documents on E, keep restore point service on and allow Vista to create multiple versions of your documents (New features in Vista) every time you save the documents.

Configuration in this way will ensure your email and database access with no delay, but allow versioning on your precious documents, and at the same time speed up your C: drive O.S. You can restore your O.S. in 10 minutes without the needs to perform a manual backup on your documents, data and emails.

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